Zettler Group China launches upgraded version of its website Update: 2018/12/11 Source:ZETTLER

Zettler China, a division of the globally operating Zettler Group, recently introduced upgraded version of its website - 香港一肖中特80858

The web portal reflects Zettler’s commitment not only to the design and manufacturing of top-quality electronic components, but also the company’s efforts to provide effective marketing and promotion of these products to its target audience in the digital space.

The site features comprehensive content, design and engineering resources, including search functionality for each of the main product lines and their sub-categories, based on multiple technical criteria and/or applications, along with detailed product descriptions and technical data-sheet links.

Referring to the breadth and width of its product offerings and their usage in many industries, the site also features regular application spotlights.

Moreover, new web features improved auto-adjustment function when visit from a mobile phone and will provide you a friendly and easy-to-browse experience at any time any place.

Commented the management team: “We have listened to our customers and their needs to engage with us in their application-specific search for the right Zettler product, in an easy and convenient fashion. This new website portal effectively provides fast and easy access for both design engineers and/or buyers of our valued customers.”


Online Message
Contact Us At: +86-592-2631586
E-Mail: [email protected]
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